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Dear caring person

Our ‘Adopt-a-grandparent’ campaign is all about helping our seniors in retirement villages.  We need to help our citizens receive food & other consumables to have a acceptable standard of living.  You can donate to our campaign in different methods:

  • Doing a once-off donation
  • Doing a monthly donation
  • Donations can be done via direct transfer or via Paypal

Please note:  we gladly accept donations such as:

  • Groceries
  • Toiletries including adult nappies
  • Biscuits & sweeties
  • Fruits & vegetables
  • Cleaning products such as soap powder, dishwashing liquid, etc.
  • Any other consumables needed for our seniors to make a living-take a few minutes of your time in your home & see what is used most in your daily lives.
  • Medications – even ointments for aches & pains
  • Transport – to take the seniors for check-ups at hospitals
  • Cruches, wheelchairs & walking rings
  • Soft & comfortable shoes, slippers & sleepwear
  • Dental care – thousands of grandparents needs dentures, fillings & oral hygiene
  • Beauty care – as they still deserve to feel beautiful

This donation list can go on & on.  The above list is merely a guideline for you to help with.

Why the retirement villages?  These seniors earn a monthly pension.  Their income is too little too survive with and a big percentage of our grandparents, are left in these homes, with no support from their immediate family members. Majority of the seniors have to cope with the bare minimum. We would like to encourage you to assist the senior citizens in your area.  At Motivation 4 All, we will do our utmost best to touch as many lives as we can.  Regretfully, we are not able to succeed without your graciousness.  Please spread the word & touch the hearts of individuals who are long forgotten & in serious need of our help.  For any other information you may require, please email us on

Thank you for taking a few minutes of your time

Motivation 4 All’s: ‘Adopt-a-grandparent’ campaign

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