The Emotional Intelligence Toolkit

This program is rooted in social and emotional brain science that engages the emotional brain and heart, as well as the reasoning mind. Its purpose is to teach you how to control troublesome thoughts, manage difficult emotions, have better relationships, and follow through on positive intentions.

The Emotional Intelligence Toolkit helps you:

  • Change self-defeating moods and attitudes
  • Master the skill of quick stress relief
  • Boost EQ by learning to stay connected to what you feel as well as think
  • Follow through on your hopes and dreams

Step 1: Emotional Awareness Shapes Health and Happiness

The ability to recognize, direct, and positively express emotions that we call Emotional Intelligence is a powerful skill. Emotion can override thoughts, transform relationships, and profoundly influence behavior. Emotional intelligence (EQ) allows us to harness that power to understand ourselves, overcome challenges, and build strong relationships. Best of all, emotional intelligence is a skill set that can be learned at any time.

The ability to remain emotionally aware and to keep your nervous system in its comfort zone also ensures that your immune system, and other parts of your body that preserve and repair it, remain online doing their job.

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Emotional awareness also boosts your ability to connect to others in ways that override stress and permit you to feel safe, happy, and preserve your health.

What is the Emotional Intelligence Toolkit—and why it works

It’s a skill set that you can learn for keeping your nervous system in its comfort zone and on track so that your mind and body can function optimally, even when you feel threatened.

Feeling unsafe, for reasons that have more to do with our perceptions than life-threatening events, is a common experience we face as humans. But your nervous system has a remedy for the fears and insecurities that create stress, depression, and anxiety. If you know how to engage your nervous system and connect to others in ways that are rapidly calming and energizing, you can remain secure, focused, creative, compassionate, and socially engaging. The Emotional Intelligence Toolkit is a progressive five-step, skill-building process that enables you to do this.

How does the toolkit help your nervous system stay on track?

Your nervous system is command central for keeping you safe. It’s like a built-in antenna that is always asking the question, ”Am I safe, or do I feel threatened internally or externally?” When your nervous system is in doubt about your safety, the rest of your body shuts down as you prepare to fight, flee, or freeze. In this defensive state, your body’s ability to preserve and protect you is compromised.

There are two things that you can do to quickly reassure your nervous system and bring it into its comfort zone. The quickest and most efficient thing you can do is to turn to another person for reassurance. If that person’s face conveys safety and reassurance, your nervous system will immediately relax and go back into balance. In order to do this, you must be able to send and receive nonverbal emotional cues.

The other thing that you can do is to connect with positive sensory experiences. The toolkit teaches you both of these core skills.

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Before we begin learning the skills that enable us to override stress and stay healthy and happy, we would be wise to first take a look at things we do that can block our ability to acquire new habits.

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